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Awesome Experience!!
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Wow! Meeting the Hendrick's Team in Apex was such a pleasure. Salesman Patrick N. took the time to listen to my needs and met the challenge head-on. I am extremely happy with my "Preloved" Corolla and will definitely patronize this dealership for ALL of my car needs. Special thanks to you Ian J. You are a miracle worker! Best, L. Wiggins
Sep 10 2015
Reviewed by L. Wiggins
I like to thank Tyler Clark for providing the highest and friendly car service
Jul 2 2015
Reviewed by Erik saenz
Fantastic Experience!
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My hubby and I were in the market for a new car, and we ultimately decided upon a 2015 Toyota Rav4 Limited. After wading through the various factors: incentives/promotions/rebates, dealership ratings, individual dealership 'perks', and of course cost - we chose Hendrick Toyota of Apex NC. Competition is fierce, which is a good thing for us consumers. So it is quite a compliment that after that MUCH research, we were delighted to land here. We knew EXACTLY what we wanted and how much we were willing to pay for it (upgrades and add-ons included). This made the difference between an experience that was quite enjoyable, vs the layered and typical stresses of buying a new car. Our sales guy Alstin Vanderford was fantastic. We have been singing his praises to MANY people! Thank you for making our experience such a joyful one. When is the last time you heard someone say THAT about a car dealer? Actually, everyone that we had encounters with were great: from the sales manager Ash Bhattari, to the finance guy Steven Griffin, and Raven Durham - the gal in the Service Department who made sure that our first service appt was scheduled before we left the dealership. I'm sure there were others behind the scenes, who contributed to our overall great experience. To those of you, THANK YOU!!!! All were a joy to deal with - knowledgeable, informative, friendly, accommodating and professional throughout. They ALL worked together as a team, streamlining all the way - with one goal and purpose in India - to take care of us, their customer. It was a great experience, from beginning to end. Certainly nothing like the typical 'car salesmen', negative stereotype. We felt very comfortable, very taken care of, and NO pressure. I have every confidence that their service dpt is every bit as 'par excellence' as the other departments. I will post a review after our first scheduled service appt in September. Kudos to ALL at Hendrick Toyota of Apex. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dealership.
Jun 10 2015
Reviewed by S. Wilson
Excellent Service!!!
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I can't say enough to praise how well the service team is at Hendrick Toyota. Tyler Clark and Nicholas Pitts went very well beyond the call of duty to attend to my needs for a 2013 Toyota Avalon. Their service far exceeded any expectations that I had. Thanks to the Hendrick Toyota team!
May 18 2015
Reviewed by Scott Grady
Great Car Buying Experience
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After visiting many toyota dealerships in the last couple of months I have to say the staff at Rick Hedricks Toyota and Apex were the best they made sure I got what I wanted at a price I wanted Chris Moore was a great help to me in purchasing my new camry I look forward to doing business with this dealership in the future they even gave me more for my trade to make it work you guys rock. The drive from Goldsboro to Apex was well worth it.
Apr 18 2015
Reviewed by KMichelle
the best experience
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Just bought a 2015 highlander.Abdel was the best salesman we've ever had.the whole experience was excellent.
Feb 15 2015
Reviewed by Barry Kaye
Happy Scion TC Buyers
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Comments: John, I wanted to let you know about the positive experience we had recently working with Larry Willis to purchase a Scion TC for our son. Larry was great with letting us know about the product, helping us to find a TC and with the logistics associated with purchasing the car. His follow-up while we were looking for a TC and once we purchased the car were very appreciated. All around an excellent experience with buying a new car at Toyota of Apex. Thanks to Larry and you for taking the hassle out of purchasing a new car.
Dec 17 2014
Reviewed by Karen & Jon
You Made Us Feel Like Family!
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Hi Ken: Well, I have had my Prius for a month now, and I am enjoying driving it very much. It is fuel efficient, which I love most of all. But the best thing about buying this car was the experience we had meeting you and all of the nice people at Toyota of Apex. Buddy and I have never felt so comfortable and at ease before when shopping for a car. You made us feel like family. I feel as if I have known you for a long time because of your friendly personality and your willingness to work with us. We will definitely be back if and when we get ready to trade cars. I hope you will still be at Toyota of Apex then. You have a very nice facility and a very friendly atmosphere. I know you enjoy working there. We have referred several people to you. Maybe one of them will stop by. Take care and if we are ever in the vicinity, we will stop by and see you. Thanks again, Ken, for all of your help.
Dec 17 2014
Reviewed by Nancy & Buddy
Happy Highlander Buyers
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Dear Ken: I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much our family enjoyed working with you in the purchase of our new 2012 Toyota Highlander. It was such a trying day from 10 o’clock in the morning trying to buy a car, we were discouraged and overwhelmed. Then along came our Super hero car sales men- Ken Cooper, and Trey (can’t remember his last name). You two were so prompt and considerate; I wish you were the first stop instead of the last. Your cumulative knowledge and understanding for the needs of a young family really put us at ease and made us feel so good about such a major purchase. Failing not to mention Timothy (again bad memory with the last name) who was just WONDERFUL, explaining every line item detail as my daughter played with Mr. Potato Head on his desk. Four big thumbs up from the Haregtt family for the great Toyota of Apex team !!!!!!!
Dec 17 2014
Reviewed by Bobby & Family
Price Transparency - something you don't come upon frequently in car sales
In preparing to become educated about the pricing beyond my new RAV4, I scoured the internet for information and talked with about 5 different dealers. I was about to place the purchase from another dealer when I learned about Toyota of Apex. I looked them up on the internet and found they are the only ones who actually show invoice price very transparently, and the invoice price actually matched that of I was very impressed with this, and so decided to hold off with my purchase from Fred Anderson until I could check out Toyota of Apex. Sure enough, I went through the negotiation process with Apex, and, although time consuming, the invoice I was shown was the same as what was posted on the internet; no surprises! Nothing hidden. All the pricing was very transparent unlike the other dealers. Just do your homework first to become educated on the exact model of car you want. Then talk price. All the sales people are very nice, and wanting to help. Three cheers for Kenny!!!! Shop no further until you check them out.
Dec 17 2014
Reviewed by Lauren Marmor
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